When you buy something from a mall or marketplace you either appreciate the brand or you would not like the brand for selling inferior quality, but do you question the mall saying “All the product in mall are pathetic due to the quality of the one product?”

The current online buying and selling has boil down to this. And the reason is due to the wrong practice adopted by eCommerce companies of branding everything in their name and nearly killing the identity of small retailers.

Currently online selling is working merely based on discounts, which has to stop at one point of time. What after that? There is a need for retailers to create their brand. Brand that customer know and trust. Brand from whom customer would want to buy again.

Bid2buy allows seller to create their own E-showroom where all the products from one seller are available. This would help buyer to identify the product from the seller they trust and also help seller to display all their products at one place. Bid2buy also allows buyer to connect directly to seller through email or calls so if buyer is willing to buy offline after checking the product he/she can visit the seller and make a right choice.

Remember discount may help you make a choice but brand will make you help the right choice


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