About US:

Coming up of Bid2buy can be answered by these three simple questions:


It is often seen in networking forums where people exchange their ideas coming up with some good solutions to a realistic problem. But in most cases it hardly materializes.

The idea of Bid2buy comes from a Goa trip while we were pondering on our long road journey back. We saw a seller selling a product and two buyers wanting the same product who were ready to pay a better price. It was simple, more the demand more the price and lesser the demand less the price. While in the world, the price is determined by demand and supply then why not same be used for online marketplace. And we conceptualized open market concept through which Bid2buy has emerged.


Bid2buy is one which aims at bringing open market to your fingers. In this world when everything is soon becoming virtual we bring to you a screen based open market! When a seller is not aware what price his product can fetch or the buyer wants to put his price on a product, that’s where Bid2buy comes in the picture. It is a platform where the market decides the price of a product ensuring that a seller get the right price for their product and you as a buyer need not settle for a price when you can battle for it.


How is asked to understand what went into making a brand. Well we ourselves are looking for the answer to this question but rest assured we will have the answer soon. Very soon!!


Our vision is to create truly an open marketplace. We don’t intend to create a demand by providing temporary discounts. Our intention is to create a market place where you decide the price for the product. Our intention is to create marketplace where online buyer can trust the seller and have repetitive purchase from brand that served them well. It is time to accept the fact of RIGHT PRODUCT, RIGHT QUALITY, RIGHT PRICE!!

Wall Of Thanks

This is just our way of saying THANK YOU to all those who helped us in our journey till date.